Aloysius Pang says SMRT changed his life (for the better)–especially after his license got revoked

While most Singaporeans are seething over the condition of the Mass Rapid Transit system or the SMRT, actor Aloysius Pang has something else to say.

In a recent press conference, Aloysius mentioned that having to commute to Mediacorp’s campus has changed his life and a lot of his habits.

He said, “I’m walking more and waking up earlier, so it has actually made my life cycle a little healthier than before. I’m also more careful with my time so I’m even reaching locations earlier. With driving, you tend to dilly-dally until the last minute before going out, but because I’ve encountered MRT breakdowns before, I tend to leave a lot earlier.”

But wait, there’s more!

Aloysius seems to be more conscientious about his time and activities during the day. Since the commute usually takes 45 minutes, he’s now forced to occupy himself during the wait.

So what does he do?

For starters, he’s downloaded the 2048 app (yes, that game we were all trying to beat a few years ago). Why is that surprising? In previous interviews, he’s been pretty vocal about not getting into technology that much. He actually finds the game time-consuming and a bit embarrassing, but what’s a bored guy to do on the SMRT?

Aside from that, he’s taken the time to read books on the train.

“I try to do one to two books a week,” he said, and that he loves “that old book smell.”

When asked about his reading, “I can only say that the Bras Basah Complex is very happy to have me, because I usually go for second-hand books.”

According to Toggle, he reads about business management, psychology and mentalism.

Well, it’s not like he has a choice

It’s important to keep in mind that Aloysius has been in the news for less-than-stellar behaviour. He has to take the SMRT because he had been caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to a report by the Straits Times, Aloysius was coming home from a wedding dinner when he veered off the road and hit a metal railing.

After failing a breathalyser test, he was arrested by the Traffic Police. He was made to pay a $2000 fine and has been prohibited from driving for 18 months starting July this year.

Still, someone could drive him to and from to work.

What do netizens have to say?

Here’s what the Singaporeans on online forums have to say about Aloysius’ daily commute:

Some think that he’s picking on the average Singaporean.

Others are not afraid to show their disdain for his celebrity status.

Some were not quite sure if Aloysius was serious or if he was one of the best trolls on the internet. The SMRT, does, after all, has more problems than just delays.

Well, he could always take a Grab, Uber or ask someone to drive him.

Isn’t that a little too harsh on Aloysius?

Others aren’t quite so deceived by his “commuting.”

Most people do think he shouldn’t be taken seriously, though.

And some are quite enterprising in digging up evidence of Aloysius’ critical thinking skills.

What do you think about Aloysius’ commute? But as he is just like any other Singaporean, we wish him luck on the train and that he won’t encounter horrid delays or flooding!

Header image from Aloysius Pang Instagram account.

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