Alter Ego Celeste claim FSL VALORANT Circuit Open II crown

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(Photo: FSL FPS Facebook)
(Photo: FSL FPS Facebook)

Alter Ego Celeste have emerged as the team to beat of the 2021 FSL VALORANT Circuit, after a perfect run through the FSL Open II on Sunday (25 April).

Alter Ego Celeste improved on their near-perfect run to the championship in Open I, not losing a single game as they were crowned champions in Open II. 

The team had a dominant run through the group stage on Saturday (25 April) to qualify for the playoffs the next day, where they proceeded to run through Magnifique and The Impaler in the first two rounds of the upper bracket.

Alter Ego Celeste faced off against Mad Army, the team they defeated to win Open I, in the upper bracket finals and defeated them 13-10 in Ascent to secure their spot in the grand finals. 

Mad Army then outlasted Galaxy Racer Female 13-10 in Bind in the lower bracket finals to force a rematch of the previous event's finals against Alter Ego Celeste.

Mad Army had an excellent start to the finals, as they dominated the first half of game one with a 10-2 lead at halftime. However, Alter Ego Celeste were able to mount an insane comeback in the second half, as they won 11-straight rounds to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Mad Army seemed shaken after their meltdown in game one, as Alter Ego Celeste controlled the first half of game two in Bind to the tune of a 9-3 lead. 

While Mad Army were able to rally after the side switch and steal three rounds away, Alter Ego Celeste needed to win only four more rounds to secure their second-straight championship in the FSL VALORANT Circuit.

With their win, Alter Ego Celeste claimed the lion's share of SG$500 (or US$372) out of the event's SG$1,000 (or US$725) prize pool. They also claimed another 10 FSL Circuit points to further secure their spot at the FSL Elite tournament in October.

Meanwhile, Mad Army take home SG$300 (or US$223) and 9 points in consolation.

The 2021 FSL VALORANT Circuit will run for eight months from March to October and feature a total prize pool of SGD$12,000. It will be split into four stages: FSL Open, FSL Open Overtime, FSL Wildcard, and FSL Elite.

The first stage of the circuit, the FSL Open, will be held monthly from March to August, with each iteration featuring a maximum of 40 teams competing for a cut of the SG$1,000 prize pool.

Teams will earn points by participating in each FSL Open and will be placed on the FSL Open Leaderboard, with the two top-ranked teams qualifying for FSL Elite.

The third to 19th-placed teams on the leaderboard will then play in the circuit's second stage, FSL Open: Overtime, in September. The winning team will take the third spot in FSL Elite.

FSL Wildcard will follow in early October, where teams that are either new to the circuit or have not yet qualified for FSL Elite will get one last shot at advancing into the final stage. FSL Wildcard will feature a SG$1,000 prize pool and a maximum of 40 participating teams, with the winners claiming the fourth and final spot in FSL Elite.

FSL Elite will be the final stage of the 2021 FSL VALORANT Circuit. The four qualified teams from the previous stages will compete in an offline tournament in Singapore from 23-24 October, with US$5,000 in prize money up for grabs.

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