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Get £30 off coveted Always Pan that has sold out 30 times

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Always Pan discount
The recently updated, super-versatile Always Pan 2.0 currently has £30 off. (Our Place)

Ever heard the saying 'you can't be everything to everyone'? Well, the Always Pan by Our Place is the exception to that rule.

This game-changing eight-in-one piece of kitchenware went viral on social media when it launched in the US two years ago in 2019, and since, over one million people have purchased the sought-after pan.

As you'd expect, it's been sold out on a number of occasions, consequently accruing waiting lists of 60,000 eager shoppers. Even the restocks often sell out in under 20 minutes.

The pan's celebrity approval might have something to do with it. Oprah Winfrey dubbed it a “kitchen magician” while Selena Gomez loves it so much she created her own collaboration with the brand.

However, it has now been discontinued, but worry not, it's simply had a makeover. Our Place has just announced the launch of the Always Pan 2.0, an upgrade to the original design that promises to be even more durable and versatile, with an impressive 10 cooking functions that will save you time and money.

Plus, for a limited time only, you can get £30 off the innovative item of cookware.

The brand has just launched its Spring Sale, so the £130 pan is now reduced to £100. Sales are few and far between at Our Place, so now's a great time to bag the raved-about pan that has racked up over 30,000 reviews at a discounted price.

The new Always Pan 2.0 can be used to cook almost every meal imaginable, from being deep enough to roast a chicken, to shallow enough to fry an egg. (Our Place)
The new Always Pan 2.0 can be used to cook almost every meal imaginable, from being deep enough to roast a chicken, to shallow enough to fry an egg. (Our Place)

Read our review of the original Always Pan Shop the Always Pan 2.0

Why we love it and what's new

The pan is multi-functional, meaning it works as a frying pan, steamer, skillet, saucier and saucepan.

You can roast, bake, braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil and serve your food with just one piece of equipment – just think of all the cupboard space you'd save.

It also has a domed-shaped, modular lid, specifically designed to lock in steam when you need it or release it when you don’t.

Each pan comes with a steamer basket, which doubles up to be used as a colander, and a beechwood spatula, so you don't need an extra spoon rest when simmering or baking food.

It's also coated with a completely non-toxic ceramic, which is made without any chemical PFAs, lead and other toxic metals, so you can cook safely in the knowledge that your equipment is not releasing any nasties into your food. Built to last, the new non-stick should last 50% longer than the original eight-in-one design.

It has a domed-shaped lid to lock in steam and comes with a steamer basket and wooden spatula. (Our Place)
It has a domed-shaped lid to lock in steam and comes with a steamer basket and wooden spatula. (Our Place)
(Our Place)
A massive upgrade is that it's now oven safe up to 230°C, so you can unlock a whole new range of stovetop-to-oven abilities. (Our Place)
(Our Place)
The versatile item of cookware has over 31,00 reviews and has sold out 30 times. (Our Place)

£100 £130 at Our Place

The pan, which is compatible with all cooktops, also has some great additional design features such as being 1.5 inches deeper than your average frying pan and the biggest upgrade of all is that it's now oven-safe up to 230 degrees, meaning many more stovetop-to-oven abilities.

You can also buy additional add-ons from Our Place such as a spruce steam, grill press and steamer baskets to make the pan even more versatile.

Plus, there's the fact that this is quite possibly the most aesthetically-pleasing piece of kitchenware that we have ever seen. There are eight shades to pick from, ranging from lavender to rosa – we've got our eye on the azul blue version.

What the reviews say

On the Our Place website, the Always Pan boasts over 31,000 reviews. Here's just a snippet of some of the five-star ratings from happy customers:

  • "This pan is a very versatile size. We use it almost every night. We fry, make sauce, even melted cheese in it. Once I got distracted and burnt cheesy tuna in it. Everything cleans up with a quick swish with a cloth under running water. NOTHING sticks. It is the MVP tool in my kitchen. Amazed nightly at its nonstick qualities... Sometimes supply gets low but it’s worth the wait. This purchase was definitely worth the money."

  • "This beautiful pan has taken over my kitchen. I use it for cooking breakfast items, like bacon and eggs. The eggs cook beautifully without oil. I've been steaming vegetables in the steamer basket that comes with the pan also. It's also very nice looking on my stove."

  • "This pan has the most amazing non stick coat ever! Very easy to clean and super versatile."

  • "The pan is super easy to clean. I steamed my asparagus tonight and it turned out great."

  • "Love my pan! It’s definitely an investment, however I use it almost every time I cook, and it’s super easy to clean."

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