Amanda Serrano wants to open doors for women’s boxing with her knockout power

Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole goes 1-on-1 with the multiple weight class champion prior to her fight with Miriam Gutierrez. A win Saturday for the 41-1-1 Serrano would likely set up a blockbuster fight with the 20-0 Katie Taylor.

Video transcript

KEVIN IOLE: Hey, folks. Hi. I'm Kevin Iole. On Saturday in Tampa, Florida, at Amalie Arena, the home of the two-time Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning, we're going to have another world champion, the best in the world, who's going to be going at it. Amanda Serrano, 41 and 1 with 1 draw, 30 knockouts, and we've got to get into that 30 knockouts. She will be fighting Miriam Gutierrez. If she wins this, we may see a super fight next year with Katie Taylor. Amanda, how are you doing, my friend?

AMANDA SERRANO: I'm good. I'm good. I'm super pumped to be fighting in the home of the champions.

KEVIN IOLE: I think that there's three women's fighters in the world who kind of stand out above everybody else, Katie Taylor, Claressa Shields, and yourself. Personally, I think from what you've done 41-1-1, seven different weight-class championships. You're almost up to Manny Pacquiao. I don't know if you're going to be able to get that eighth weight-class championship. I have you as the best in the world. How do you look at these other girls? Like, do you feel like you're the best in the world right now, and who is your competition? Is it Claressa? Is it Katie? How do you see that?

AMANDA SERRANO: I mean, I think we're all-- we're all the best, you know? The only difference between me and Claressa and Katie is that they have gold medals. I don't because I never-- I was never able to do the Olympics or I didn't have the amateur background that they have. But, you know, I believe what I've done-- go seven divisions up, down, up, down, and the way I've done it, and I think-- we all have to believe that we're the best, and that's the only way that we're going to continue to grow the sport. So I think we're all the best in our own ways.

KEVIN IOLE: The thing that amazes me about you is you have knockout power. I mean, you legitimately hurt people at all weight classes, not just at the lower weight classes. Is that something natural that you've had, Amanda, or is it something that you've had to work on as you've developed as a pro boxer?

AMANDA SERRANO: No, I've been blessed. I had knockouts in amateurs. I have-- I've only had-- I was 8 and 1 as an amateur, and I think, like, maybe three or four or five fights were by knockout. So yeah, it started off-- I was just born with it. I was blessed with the power. And then now as a pro with smaller gloves, no headgear just made it a lot easier.

KEVIN IOLE: Knowing that you have that in the back of your-- you know, in your arsenal, the fact that you can get somebody out of there, does that change the way you can approach a fight where most of your opponents-- you know, most women, even Claressa Shields, as great as she is, has a very low knockout rate. You know, and I know knockouts aren't the be all and end all, but it's nice to have that power. Does it change anything that you do in there knowing you have that?

AMANDA SERRANO: Oh yeah. You know, I'm a go-getter. You know, I'll take one to give you two. So my fights are a little more, I believe, exciting because I don't mind getting hit. I have a good chin as well. But I know if I'm close enough to get hit, I'm close enough to throw a hard bomb. And my punch lands right at the right time, right spot, it might be lights out for you. So yeah, I just come forward, and I like punching hard.

KEVIN IOLE: A lot of-- you know, I saw you the other day talking to the TV broadcasters, mentioned that they didn't mention you as a as a world champ-- multiple division world champion. And, you know, I know Claressa does the same thing, and it seems like you guys are fighting to get your respect in the ring. Do you think the fact that you're getting these high-profile cards and you have the punching power then not a lot of your peers do maybe can help the women's game and lift it to heights that it hasn't been at yet?

AMANDA SERRANO: No, I definitely think so, but it's not just me. I mean, I think we're coming all together as a sport, women's boxing. You know, the last couple of weeks, we've been seeing great female champions go at it and great fights. And I'm excited to be on this platform to showcase that we can fight, you know? Just in case people don't see it on the other shows, that women can fight.

And I think that bringing-- people like to see people getting knocked out, I think. And if they see it with me, then they'll be more excited to see other female boxing. And I just want to continue to open the doors.

KEVIN IOLE: You also fight in MMA. You've been a successful MMA fighter. I guess one question about the main event, Tyron Woodley against Jake Paul, what is the difference between MMA and boxing when you're in a striking fight? Like, what is the challenge Tyron Woodley faces as he goes up against Jake Paul given he's actually not a boxer?

AMANDA SERRANO: No, it's a big difference. You know, when I'm doing MMA, I'm like I want to go back to doing boxing. And, I mean, sometimes I miss MMA, but it's just a whole different things. So, you know, in MMA you can't use-- you just have two punches. I actually-- just striking is like a four point-- I mean eight point combat with your knees, elbows. That's considered striking. But in boxing, you have to-- the stance is different, and it's just throwing-- the punches are different, come in different ways.

And, you know, Woodley showed a great performance his last fight against Paul showing that he can do boxing as well. And now having a lot more months training in boxing, he is-- he's got, I'm assuming, better because it's more experience for him. But it's a big difference, boxing and MMA.

KEVIN IOLE: No doubt about that. I've seen them all, and it's a huge difference.

From your standpoint, what kind of fight do you expect Miriam Gutierrez to bring to you?

AMANDA SERRANO: Oh, I think she's going to bring-- she has the size, so I think she's going to try to use that against me. You know, she knows I'm a little girl, so she's definitely going to probably put her weight on me and try to, like, bully me. But, you know, that's not going to happen. You know, I have great footwork, combinations. So, I mean, she's going to try to bring it to me.

KEVIN IOLE: If this little girl, as she calls herself, gets past Miriam on Saturday, then she's going to be fighting Katie Taylor. A lot of people think Katie is the best in the world. She has a huge following. The Olympics was an incredible experience, if you happened to see that when she won the gold medal. The Irish fans went crazy.

Give us a little preview very quickly. I know you're focused on Saturday's fight, but if you get to Katie Taylor, what can people expect of that fight?

AMANDA SERRANO: Oh, I can't tell you too much, but you'll see. You'll see. Come Saturday night, you'll see a preview. [LAUGHS]

KEVIN IOLE: We're going to see-- all right. Well, sounds very good. Amanda Serrano, we wish you the best of luck. Thank you so much. The best women's fighter in the world, thanks for joining me. All the best on Saturday.

AMANDA SERRANO: Thank you so much.