Amanda Seyfried on the surgical tape she uses to prevent wrinkles

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With a career spanning just over two decades long, Amanda Seyfried has likely spent many hours in make-up chairs while starring in beloved projects like Mean Girls, Jennifer's Body, and now Hulu's The Dropout. But even with her experiences getting all glammed up for movies and red carpet events, the 36-year-old mother of two still prefers to be barefaced most of the time.

"The barefaced look is pure laziness," she told New Beauty in an interview. "I feel claustrophobic and a little greasy in a full face when I’m at work. No amount of make-up can withstand a 12-hour day."

The Dropout star values the health of her skin over anything, which is probably a great explanation for her clear complexion.

"When I’m applying on my own for a night out, I skip the foundation and focus on my eyes, lips and cheeks," she said. "It’s refreshing and fun to brighten up and still feel like my skin is clean. The best of both worlds!"

Of course, when it comes to keeping her skin in shape, Seyfried has a few other tricks up her sleeve that don't just involve avoiding make-up whenever necessary. To see some of the products the actress turns to regularly to keep her skin clean and free of imperfections, read ahead.

When it comes to wearing make-up, she believes less is more

The actress admitted that she adopted this beauty philosophy early on in life thanks to her mother. These days, she prefers not to wear too much make-up.

“My own rule is little-to-no foundation and some concealer in spots,” she said in an interview with Glamour. “It makes a difference without covering your entire face.”

She’s become so accustomed to wearing minimal make-up that she once told New Beauty that she typically looks forward to cleansing after a workday.

“One of the most luxurious feelings is taking off my make-up at the end of a long day,” she said. “I feel renewed.”

She has a special trick for preventing fine lines and wrinkles

While many people might invest in Botox and filler to minimise signs of ageing from the skin, Seyfried prefers to keep wrinkles at bay with a slightly more natural approach. She uses the Toute Nuit Wrinkle Patch, a facial tape that can be used to target wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

“It's just surgical tape in the shape of a triangle to keep [the wrinkle] relaxed,” she told Allure. “I use a new one every night.”

She never forgets to exfoliate

We all know how important it is to exfoliate regularly, without over-exfoliating and compromising the skin barrier. As an ambassador for Lancôme, Seyfried has made a habit of using the brand’s Clarifique Exfoliating & Hydrating Face Essence, which harnesses glycolic acid and beach bud extract to unclog pores and hydrate the skin.

“I love the smell, the texture, and the way it feels on my skin,” she told Glamour. “It's effortless.”

She doesn’t skimp on body care

While making time to take care of the skin on your face is nice, it’s important to show your body some love too. One of her go-to products for keeping the rest of her body fresh and moisturised is the Eu’Genia Shea Butter, a rich cream that can typically be used to treat conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

“My body soaks up this thick butter and keeps my skin young—I think,” she told Allure.

She shares an SPF with her daughter

The Mean Girls star knows not to skip wearing sunscreen. She once told New Beauty that one of her desert island products is a mineral SPF from Babo Botanicals. She didn’t specify which one is her favourite, but she did mention that it’s one she shares with her four-year-old daughter.

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