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I didn't know how gross my stuff was until I bought this Bissell cleaner — and it's on sale

TikTok's favourite viral cleaning gadget is on sale now at Amazon Canada.

split screen of Bissell Little Green portable cleaner  on grey sofa, Is the Bissell Little Green portable cleaner worth the price? I put it to the test. (Photo via Alice Prendergast)
I cleaned (almost) everything in my house with the Bissell Little Green cleaner and it's on sale. (Photos via Alice Prendergast)

Amazon is the place to go when you're looking for deals and steals on a bunch of amazing products, including one of my personal favourites: The Bissell Little Green Portable Cleaner.

Before you hit that "add to cart" button, I decided to see for myself if the Bissell Little Green Portable Cleaner is worth its price tag (which, by the way, is just $100 right now). To see if the "easy to assemble" cleaner is worth the hype, scroll below.


  • 💵 Price: $100 (originally $120)

  • Used for: Seven months

  • Our rating: 5/5

  • 🛍️ Reasons to buy: This portable cleaner can be used on carpets, upholstery, couches, auto interiors and gets rid of stains like nobody's business.

  • Reasons to avoid: If your house/apartment doesn't have a ton of carpets or upholstered furniture that could use some TLC.

There are few things more satisfying than giving your home a good scrub down, and the Bissell Little Green Portable Cleaner is my fave device to bust out when my place starts looking a little worse for wear. Since first testing it out in the beginning of 2023, it's become a staple in my deep cleaning routine (and is absolutely essential if you have pets).

But I'm not the only one who is singing its praises — TikTok views for the hashtag #bisselllittlegreen has amassed more than 34 million views to date.

To see why everyone keeps raving about it, keep reading for the full review.

This small-yet-effective cleaner has racked up more than 15,000 reviews.

$100 at Amazon

The details

The Bissell Little Green Portable Cleaner is a compact gadget that'll bust through spots, stains and built-up grime. When it's locked and loaded with the Bissell Professional Spot & Stain + Oxy Formula cleaner (don't worry, the machine comes with a trial size) it'll work some serious magic. Speaking of extras, it comes with a standard hose tool and a special stain tool that'll help you get deep into fabric fibres so you'll get the results your looking for.

It also has removable water tanks that make refilling and swapping out dirty water a breeze during the cleaning process.

The hose on the machine
The hose on the machine

$100 $120 at Amazon

Why I love it

This was sort of an impulse purchase — I didn't think I needed it when I ordered it, but now I can't live without it. I've used it on my area rugs, couch and my mattress. I honestly didn't know how gross my stuff was until I put this to work. I vacuum regularly, I spot clean when I need to, and I'm not exactly careless with my furniture, but the colour of the water in its tank was absolutely disgusting when I got through, like, a quarter of one carpet.

It's super intuitive to use — you just pull the trigger on the hose while gliding it across whatever surface your cleaning. It's also very lightweight, which is great when you have the tote it up and down stairs during cleaning sprints.

Plus, it gets rid of lurking odours. My dog loves soft surfaces, which means my couch and carpets smell like her. This gets rid of that in a flash, which is probably one of the best things about it.

The machine on a couch
The machine on a couch

$100 $120 at Amazon

What others are saying

Amazon Canada shoppers are also downright obsessed with the Bissell Little Green Portable Cleaner. It has more than 16,000 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars.

One reviewer who has children and pets says stains are "easily taken care of" with this in their arsenal. They use it on car seats and couches and note that it gets rid of both odours and liquids when their little one has an accident.

One reviewer loves how small and portable it is, saying it fits even in petite closets. They rave about how it leaves they're carpets looking amazing and love that they don have to haul "the giant rug cleaner out” to get rid of stains.

And a ton of people also love using it to clean their car interiors. One reviewer who used it on their car seats, mats, and interior was "amazed at how clean they came out."

The machine on a couch
The machine on a couch

$100 $120 at Amazon

Final thoughts

Yes, it can be hard to justify a purchase over $100 if you think your cleaning skills are 10/10, but I have been humbled by this machine (and so have reviewers). If you've got pets, kids, or are prone to spilling on your furniture, I highly suggest investing in it — you won't be disappointed. And of course you wanna get it now, because it's 17 per cent off.

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