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This $20 cooling pad is a 'godsend' for overheating pets, Amazon shoppers say

This cooling pet mat has earned top marks for softness, durability and being easy to clean.

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This $20 pet cooling mat has been dubbed a 'godsend' by Amazon reviewers (Photo via Getty)

While double-digit temperatures can often be made better with pool days and ice cream, our furry friends don't deal with the heat as easily.

Whether you're a pet parent to a short, medium or long-haired pooch, dogs are unable to sweat and therefore face a greater danger of overheating come summertime. Luckily, there are a number of products designed to keep pets cool, including this Pet Cooling Mat from Amazon Canada.

Dubbed a "godsend" by dog owners, this chemical-free pad has racked up more than 730 reviews, thanks to its high-tech cooling design.

Pet Cooling Mat for dogs and cats.

$20 at Amazon

The details

This pet-friendly cooling mat is made with CoolCore Fibre, a chemical-free material designed to lower skin temperature by 3-4 degrees. The gel-based cooling pad can be placed on the floor, in a kennel, in a car or outside, keeping your four-legged friends comfortable on hot, sunny days.

The mat uses a high-tech cooling nylon fibre that doesn't require water or electricity, making it safe to throw in the wash. It has a soft and comfortable quilted design and is safe for pets, children and the environment.

What people are saying

Out of more than 700 reviews, the cooling pet mat has earned top marks for softness, durability and being easy to clean.

According to one shopper, the cooling pad is "essentially the same" as "Dri-FIT clothing for humans." Adding that if your "fur buddy tends to get hot," the mat is worth "a shot."

It's a "godsend" for overheating dogs, writes another reviewer. While it's not "extremely cold," it "stays noticeably cool to the touch," which can provide immediate relief to your pup, they write.

Pet Cooling Mat for dogs and cats.

$20 at Amazon

Despite it "feeling too light to do anything," it "works," echos a third shopper, who say they have "zero reservations" about recommending the mat.

While the pet-friendly pad has garnered hundreds of positive reviews, some shoppers say that while it cools, the difference is negligible.

It "does cool" but "very little," according to one reviewer. It's more of a "very light blanket" than a "cooling mat," they add.

Another shopper says that while the mat is "cool to touch," the effect is lost if you lay on it for a while. It's "more like a thin blanket" than anything else, they write.

The verdict

The Vaslon Pet Cooling Mat has become a go-to buy for hundreds of Amazon shoppers looking to relieve their pets from the summer heat. With an average rating of 3.6 stars, fans of the cooling pad call it a "godsend" for overheating pups. However, others note its cooling abilities are negligible, something to keep in mind when placing your order.

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