This Amazon Kit Will Help You Grow Your Own Christmas Tree and It’s Less Than $10

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: Amazon/The Jonsteen Company

From House Beautiful

There’s no such thing as planning too far in advance. If you’re already thinking ahead to Christmas this year and want to really go all out, consider growing your own tree. No, it's not as hard as it sounds—at least not with Amazon’s grow your own tree kit. Bonus: It’ll cut your holiday expenses down, because it’s less than $10.

The Christmas tree growing kit from The Jonsteen Company comes with everything you need to sprout a Balsam Fir. First, it includes a mini greenhouse AKA a “tree nursery you can hold in your hand,” according to the product description. It’s a soilless growing system, which means it can travel safely anywhere in the world. Instead of soil, it's filled with perlite–a natural, volcanic rock that's heated until it pops, then used in seed-starting or potting mixtures. Enough high quality germination seeds are included to ensure at least one tree grows, but the description claims you can usually get more than one out of it! And, of course, it comes with step-by-step instructions, so anyone from kids to experts can give it a go.

The kit is on sale for $8.99 at the moment, so go for it now if you want to save a little extra cash. Imagine growing your own tree now and watching it flourish throughout the year. When you decorate it come December, it’ll feel way more special than if you whipped out a fake tree from the attic or bought one that someone else grew. Happy growing!

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