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'Great space saver in the closet': Keep your bags organized for only $6 a pop for Labor Day

What is it?

Are you a cross body, clutch, or a satchel kind of person? We say - why limit yourself? Especially when there's the Zedodier Purse Hanger Organizer, here to straighten out your Kate Spades and your Michael Kors before they lose their shape and are consigned to the consignment shop. And now it's at a special price this Labor Day Weekend.

Protecting your bags and purses is as important as showing them off.

$12 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

For only $12 you get a set of two, which means they're only $6 per set. Each comes with six hangers for a grand total of 12 hangers — meaning you won't have to give up any of your beloved giant totes in order to make room in your closet.

Why do I need this?

Made from durable metal construction, this wardrobe buddy holds up to 30 lbs — enough to handle bags full of receipts, tickets, makeup and those spare flip-flops you couldn't find when you were pounding the pavement in four-inch heels! And it's 5.9 inches wide by 14.9 inches tall, so the hanger itself takes up very little closet space — perfect for those of you who have small closets.

Despite its name, the Zedodier Purse Hanger Organizer isn't only for handbags — you can use it for bras, ties, belts...anything that takes up too much room in in your drawers (including your drawers!) but always manages to slip off the hanger. And it's great for this time of year when we all start transitioning from summer clothes and accessories to fall ones.

Say, "so long" to squished-in, twisted-up purses and bags. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

More than 2,000 five-star reviewers are raving about its amazing space-saving qualities. "Takes up less space for our enormous pocketbooks. Looks good in the closet space, too!" revealed one. "Great space saver," said another. "Clever idea — most of my medium bags fit well and are not hogging shelf space now."

This reviewer pointed out, "It's great for that random spot in the closet where you can’t actually hang anything! It’s like a dead zone. Now I have my bags/purses there. It came with two which was great because one went in my daughter's room and she has a lot of bags! It holds them all!"

One organizer shared that, "I use it for grocery bags and purses. It’s very functional." However, they also point out: "With all the bags on the contraption it takes up a good amount of space. But no other reasons to complain! It’s a fantastic product."

And this satisfied customer wrote, "I don't own many purses but I needed something that didn't take much space in my closet, and this was perfect. It can hold six purses or more, but I wouldn't go too more than that. Currently I only have three purses in it and it looks good. You can also use it to hang belts or other things. It doesn't take much space and looks pretty!"

So if you're looking to cut down on closet clutter, or just make life that much easier, then the Zedodier Purse Hanger Organizer is just the thing. It doesn't have to be New Year's Day for you to start getting organized, it can even be Labor Day.

This versatile hanger can also be used for belts, smalls and ties - and anything else that keeps falling on the closet floor.

$12 at Amazon

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