Amazon rolls out Samuel L. Jackson voice option for Alexa

Amazon has a new, mature-rated voice available for Alexa, first promised back in September: Samuel L. Jackson.

Instead of asking your daily questions to Amazon's very G-rated Alexa, you can ask the assistant to introduce you to Samuel L. Jackson and then select to use the explicit version of the voice option. If you change your mind later and would prefer the clean iteration, you can easily do so in settings. 

The company recommends a few questions for users to ask the American actor's Alexa archetype to experience Sam's unique responses:

"Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson where he is from."
"Alexa, ask Sam to wake me up at 7am."
"Alexa, ask Sam Jackson to sing happy birthday."

Though Amazon states Mr. Jackson cannot help users with shopping, lists, reminders, or Skills, he can help users set timers, serenade them with a song, and tell jokes. The company also recommends "get[ting] to know him a little better by asking about his interests and career."

Owners of Alexa-equipped devices can download the voice now for an introductory price of $1. Later, the price tag will jump to $5.