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Psst...Amazon has a secret coupon page — save up to 45%

desk, scarf, massage gun
Get major markdowns on a slew of must-haves. (Photo: Amazon)

Super-savvy old-school coupon clippers can make an art form out of saving money. And though you may think online shopping doesn't quite allow for the same form of self-expression, you'd be wrong. At least when it comes to Amazon, which has one place where you can access a bounty of coupons — just like thumbing through the newspaper in olden times. You can see what's available, search for coupons from your favorite brands and generally revel in the thrill of saving. Amazon's secret page of coupons is available to you anytime. (Get a load of the categories list in the left-hand column!)

Quick overview
  • Zoopolyn Bamboo TV Tray Table

    Save $24 with coupon
  • Zerolia Massage Gun

    with coupon
  • Calvin & Olivia Soft Winter Scarf

    Save $6 with coupon
  • Mueller Electric Hand Mixer

    with coupon
  • BN-Link Electrical Outlet

    Save $2 10% off with coupon
  • Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Pillow for Car

    Save $9 with 10% off coupon
  • OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

    Save $19 with coupon
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How it works

On this special page, Amazon offers up various discounts on things like tools, pet supplies, electronics and fashion. You can "clip" (aka click) the coupons of your choice, and the items are added to your cart for purchase — the discount is applied when you check out, now or later. Don't worry if you don't see the discount in your cart right away — it'll show up at checkout.

You can also use the search bar on the coupons page to hunt down coupons for brands you like. Above the list of categories on the left side, click "your coupons" to view the ones you've clipped; this is a great tool for comparing discounts.

The "Sort By" drop-down menu can show various groupings: coupons offering the biggest savings; based on expiration date; and the most popular "couponed" items.

Details, details

  • Coupons are only eligible for one item, which means if you buy three identical massagers, only one will receive the extra discount.

  • New coupon offers are constantly being added, so bookmark this hub and check it regularly for up-to-date savings.

  • Although you don't have to use your coupons immediately, there is an expiration date for each, so if you find something you want, best to get it sooner rather than later.

  • If you return an item bought with a coupon, the amount you saved might be subtracted from the return credit.

  • You can share a coupon on social media or via e-mail, so if you find a discount that a friend will love, send it their way (it won’t take away your ability to use it).

Head on over to Amazon's secret coupon page and scope out a slew of savings. But first, have a gander at these products we plucked from the latest listings — just don't forget to click the on-page coupon. Happy shopping!

Best home coupon

Score an stylish, elegant surface to hold your favorite drinks, book, remote and more, whether you're sitting on your couch or lounging in bed. The unique Z-shape helps the table get close to you without hogging your leg room.
Save $24 with coupon
$66 at Amazon

"We bought one and loved it so much we bought another!" said a happy customer. "Perfect for sitting at the couch to eat, use the computer, write, whatever. They go well with my decor. Love them!"

Best personal-care coupon

Enjoy 30 speeds and 10 different massage heads with this handheld deep-issue massager. It's surprisingly quiet compared to other massagers and has an LED touchscreen that makes it easy to monitor your machine.
with coupon
$44 at Amazon

"Relives back pain fast, and all the attachments work and do different things to help relieve any sore muscle spots on the human body," shared a five-star fan. "Battery life is fantastic, and it feels sturdy and well put together."

Best fashion coupon

This gorgeous scarf is so soft, it feels like cashmere. Pair it with your coat to bundle up or wrap it over a T-shirt to use as a fashion accessory. Choose from a dazzling array of plaid color schemes.
Save $6 with coupon
$14 at Amazon

One happy shopper called this scarf "the best find I've had all winter." They added, "The scarf is not only soft and beautiful with deep rich colors, but it was priced right. I’ve had it now for several weeks, have worn and washed it almost daily. It’s holding up beautifully and is incredibly soft."

Best kitchen coupon

Five speeds and a 250-watt motor make this the powerful, versatile hand mixer you need. It's loaded with accessories and features a snap-on case to make storage a breeze.
with coupon
$30 at Amazon

"I was looking for a stand mixer originally, however this mighty little machine is pretty much all I need," said a five-star fan. "It works GREAT with my mixing bowls. I have made breads and desserts, and many other delicious things with ease."

Best smart-home coupon

This popular smart outlet offers a little of everything, including a USB port and two regular outlets. Sync it up with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant or control the action from your phone. You can even set timers for each outlet!
Save $2 10% off with coupon
$17 at Amazon

"I wanted an outlet to replace a smart plug which stuck out too far and interfered with furniture being pushed against the wall. This outlet saves at least an inch of space, which in my situation was important," said a happy customer." I also really like the flexibility of the two plugs being separately controllable."

Best car coupon

For a more comfortable ride, this car pillow uses memory foam to give you the lumbar support you need while you drive.
Save $9 with 10% off coupon
$25 at Amazon

"I bought this because the lumbar support in my truck did not reach high enough on my back," shared a rave reviewer. "I was able to adjust this one to reach exactly where I wanted some support. I used to have an achy back a couple of times a week before I started using this. I haven't had any pain since I installed this."

Best electronics coupon

Thanks to magical Bluetooth, this little guy pumps out music up to 100 feet away from your device. With 10-plus watts of power, this thing is LOUD — so feel free to use it outside when the weather warms up. It's only 10 ounces, so it won't weigh down your tote. And it's splash-proof too.
Save $19 with coupon
$21 at Amazon

"I bought this speaker almost seven years ago," raved a five-star reviewer. "I only thought to leave a review when my husband reminded me that this speaker is indestructible. I've dropped it in lakes, in the bath, and on concrete. The Bluetooth connectivity is fast and simple. The battery lasts a surprisingly long time and the sound quality still holds up. It's great, buy it."

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