Amazon's smart shelves automatically reorder items if stock is low

Amazon has revealed the Dash Smart Shelf

Amazon has developed a new tool for businesses, the Dash Smart Shelf, an intelligent shelf that uses weight to determine when stock is low and automatically place a reorder when needed.

For Amazon's Business customers, the company this week announced the Dash Smart Shelf, a device which automatically places an order for more stock if it detects inventory is low.

This shelf works by measuring the weight of its contents and then determining when the product is running low. When this is decided, it automatically places a reorder "that arrives on time." If owners would rather place orders themselves, they can opt instead to get low-inventory notifications.

Once the Dash Smart Shelf is turned on, it can be connected to Wi-Fi via the Amazon mobile app. Users can then select which product will be placed on the shelf and the quantity.

The shelf can be powered by batteries or plugged into the wall and is available in three sizes. Products by select partners are available for special prices like 15% off, as those with the device are Amazon Business customers.

The Amazon Dash Smart Shelves will launch next year, though the exact date and price have not yet been disclosed.