Amber Rose gets attacked for kissing her 5-year-old son on the lips: 'That’s like telling him to lick a public bathroom floor'

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Amber Rose turned 35 on Sunday and celebrated with a big bash thrown by her new boyfriend A.E., love from her 5-year-old son, and some of the nastiest comments we’ve ever read on the internet.

Amber Rose at the premiere of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation in June. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Perfectly demonstrating the need for her annual Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival — which promotes the empowerment of women and tries to take power away from derogatory labels — the model posted a photo in which she’s sharing a sweet kiss with her kid, and the comments were just vitriolic. The hate wasn’t just for kissing Sebastian, whose dad is Rose’s ex Wiz Khalifa, on the lips, something people often get weird about. The comments just straight-up slut-shamed her — saying Rose shouldn’t kiss her son because of her romantic history.

“Now amber you done had 6 boyfriends this year (i counted) you do not need to be kiss this baby anywhere! That’s like telling him to lick a public bathroom floor,” wrote someone who goes by sashaaka_bunnyboo. Then there was, “Lil homie just kissed a basketball team of celebrities,”

And it didn’t stop there. “DAMN… NOW HE JUST KISSd EVERYBODY N THE PARTY,” noted one commenter, and another added: “Lil man gotta disinfect his whole damn mouth, gargle with baking soda is probably his best bet.” Then there was, “He just kissed every body on the industry,” “his HSV1 chances of getting the virus is 85% now,”  and “That boy don’t know what he’s kissing.” Many were worse.

Other people had issues with the two having their eyes closed in the photo. Some thought they were “two boys” because of Rose’s cropped natural hairstyle. Unbelievably, there were also comments about the child’s sexuality.

Luckily there were some sane comments in there, such as this one from someone named lovecoco1: “Some comments on here are so cruel. That is her Beautiful child. An innocent child. That’s his Mom, no matter what anyone say, he loves her. His innocence feels her true love for him and they are bonded for life. Have respect for children. They are God’s perfect and Beautiful creation. Full of innocence and wisdom that most adults will never have the chance to experience. There is also no malice behind her kiss. Adults and Negative people are the ones that are malicious and trying to turn a blessing into drama.”

Several others shared a sentiment similar to what beckybroccoli wrote: “To anyone who’s got a problem with her kissing her sweet baby boy on the lips, your mama clearly didn’t love you.”

While promoting her SlutWalk earlier this month, Rose — who first became a fixture on the red carpet while dating Kanye West and has gone on to appear on TV, write a book, compete on Dancing With the Stars, and put out a sex-toy line — said that her personal mantra, which she tries to promote, is: “Everyone needs to mind their business and let women choose to do what they want with their bodies.” That extends to her social media photos. “If I want to show my ass on Instagram, I’m allowed to do that because it’s my ass and it’s my Instagram.”

As for the comments, she says, “I see them; I definitely see them. But they don’t affect me in any way.” When it was suggested that this must take some resilience, she replied: “It definitely is not easy to not give a s***. I reached that point four years ago when I started SlutWalk, and I thought, ‘I really don’t give a f*** and this is awesome.’ It takes a long time to get there, though. You have to be fully, fully confident in who you are, and it took me awhile. I finally got there, and it feels great.”

Rose also talked about what she’s teaching her son about consent. “He gets it,” she said. “He’s 5 years old. We kiss him and love him all day. When it comes to his girlfriends at school, he was just going up and kissing them on the lips, and I said: ‘Honey, you forgot to ask! Just ask! That’s all. If they say yes, you can kiss them! That’s cool, I’m not mad at you.’ But it starts early.”

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