An All-American City: HuffPost's Listen To America Tour Stops In Fort Wayne

On week four of our Listen To America road trip, HuffPost rolled into Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Fort Wayne is Indiana’s second-largest city and a three-timeAll-America City Awardwinner. It was named for Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War military leader who established ― you guessed it ― a fort at the confluence of the St. Marys, St. Joseph and Maumee rivers, where the city now lies.

Fort Wayne is also nearly equidistant from Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit, making it a busy hub for people, products and companies. HuffPost spent time exploring the city, visiting the Fort Wayne Public Library and Ivy Tech Community College. Here’s what our time there looked like: 

The HuffPost tour bus sits in front of the Allen County Courthouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Oct. 5, 2017, as part of "Listen To America: A HuffPost Road Trip." The news outlet will visit more than 20 cities on its journey across the country.
Barbara Vernasco and Joe Vernasco Jr. are interviewed by Brad Cowgill and Adam Goldberg.
John P. Gardner signs up to be interviewed.
Jo Confino tries to persuade people to sign up for interviews.
Alanna Vagianos walks Janora Hutt and her son TJ to the tent for a video interview.
Natalie Weng is interviewed along with her son, Reuben Bowie, and daughter, Helen Wang.
Alanna Vagianos and Rowaida Abdelaziz wait for people to come and tell their stories.
Aaron Speith plays a game of jumbo Jenga with Ruchi Bhargava Asava and Nada Alnakeeb.
Lee and Samantha Plamann play a game of cornhole.
Peter Daining (not pictured) and his son Teddy play cornhole.
Adilene Renderose holds her son Ezra while waiting to be interviewed.
Adam Goldberg and Angelina Chapin try to persuade Steven Griffin to sign up for an interview.
The tour bus sits at the Allen County Library Plaza.
A sign directs guests to the "Vouchers: The Economics and Academics of Choice" event at Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne.
Moderator Rebecca Klein listens to panelists Laurie Johnson, Beth Bearman, Anne Duff, Karen Francisco and Mark Berends during the "Vouchers: The Economics and Academics of Choice" discussion.
Beth Bearman speaks during the school choice discussion.
Anne Duff speaks to the audience.
Indiana state Sen. Liz Brown questions the panel during the "Vouchers: The Economics and Academics of Choice" event.
Mark Berends addresses the audience.
Jo Confino introduces the "Vouchers: The Economics and Academics of Choice" event.
The tour bus sits at the Allen County Library Plaza.

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