'American Ninja Warrior' finalist suffers gruesome injury

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Eight-time American Ninja Warrior finalist Travis Rosen sustained a gruesome injury during the first night of finals Monday. Rosen is one of the most respected ninjas in the sport, but his accident left him and his fans devastated.

It occurred while Rosen was trying to get through the “Double Dipper” obstacle, one of the fastest on the course. A few athletes have found themselves being thrown hard against the safety pad below the landing.

Rosen lost his grip at the end of the obstacle and when he stuck out his leg to brace his fall, his ankle folded to the outside. As soon as he surfaced in the water, it was clear that Rosen had suffered a catastrophic ankle injury. The medical staff immediately diagnosed him with a broken ankle and transported him to a nearby hospital.

A few hours before the show aired, the 43-year-old resident of Franklin, Tenn., hinted at his injury on Twitter. Rosen posted a picture of himself wearing a walking boot and crutches with the following caption:

American Ninja Warrior airs Mondays at 8 p.m.

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