'In Trump's America, the Royal Family provides relief for the US'

Danielle Stacey
Royal Correspondent

One of the reasons why Americans have become “more enamoured with the Royal Family” is because of the current state of US politics, according to one expert.

CNN royal commentator Victoria Arbiter tells Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box’: “I think Americans are perhaps more invested [in the Royal Family] for a couple of reasons. Certainly with Meghan being in there, they love that because they’ve always admired the Royal Family, so to suddenly have an American in there, it seems more accessible.”

“But I also think Americans, again generalising perhaps a little, but they’re so disillusioned where American politics are right now that the Royal Family is a bit of a relief.”

Donald Trump’s victory in the US election in 2016 has seemingly divided the nation since.

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The Royal Family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for Trooping the Colour. [Photo: PA]

Arbiter says: “There’s a lot to be said in America that they’ll often criticise having an unelected head of state but when they see the dramatic impact William’s visit had in New Zealand following the Christchurch terror attacks, when Harry went to Dubbo in Australia with Meghan and met flood-affected farmers.

“When you can go to something without a political agenda and you’re just there on a goodwill mission, that’s very powerful. So I think they sort of admire that side of it as well and so perhaps that’s why they’ve become more enamoured with the Royal Family in recent times.”