Amir Khan Goes Back To School

After a decade’s worth of education in pugilism, Singaporean mixed martial artist Amir Khan has returned to school to earn his degree in Sports Science.

Khan, who shares first place with Christian “The Warrior” Lee for most knockouts in ONE Championship, is excited to discover the intricacies of health and fitness.

“I’ve been doing sports since I was young and I’m very passionate about this area,” he said. “But I didn’t have the money to actually study or afford a degree.”

Thanks to an unexpected scholarship offer, the ONE Championship lightweight will embark on this learning journey with PSB Academy, a Singaporean educational institute.

“I was looking back then but there were no sports scholarships of any kind for Singaporeans,” Khan said.

“Of course, I jumped on this opportunity now and I’m really grateful PSB Academy picked me to be their ambassador and will sponsor me all the way for this degree program.”

PSB Academy’s Sports and Exercise Science Degree aligns closely with Khan’s ambitions to become the republic’s first homegrown mixed martial arts World Champion.

PSB Academy announced that they appointed Khan as their newest student ambassador on 6 April on their Facebook page.

“What motivated him to continue his studies was the desire to gain knowledge that is relevant in his sport of Mixed Martial Arts,” the post read. “He believes the knowledge gained will allow him to determine the factors that are affecting his performance.”

Khan, who enjoys a substantial following on social media, has always cherished the responsibility of being a role model to his fans.

One of his goals is to better inform and engage his audience on in-depth topics related to health and exercise.

“So right now, I know a lot about sports, but when it comes to technical terms and certain areas of the sport, I may not know everything,” Khan said.

“I want to cover and touch base with everything, and if the fans – or anyone who looks up to me – ask me a question, I want to be able to give the right information.”

With schools and universities shuttered during the lockdown, Khan will not be able to interact with his classmates and professors until the situation improves.

“I’m taking online classes at night now, but once the quarantine situation is over, I will be moving back onto campus to resume my studies,” he continued.

As a full-time martial artist and father to a one-year-old son, whatever is left of Khan’s free time will now be devoted to studying. However, the Evolve representative is ready and excited for this new challenge.

“I try to fit in everything together as well as a being a dad,” he said.

“I wake up at 6am and start my day, and I just try to be as productive as possible each day. It’s hard but manageable if you plan your time right.”

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