Amos Yee’s mother defends her indefensible son against Melissa Chen’s urge for the teen to be deported

In defense of her indefensible son, Amos Yee’s mother has come out to address the statements made by the teen’s former ally Melissa Chen, who recently urged that he be deported from the United States for his pro-pedophilia crusade.

And yes, the political asylee has been pretty busy being an activist for pedophiles since last year. The great de-platforming of Amos Yee was carried out after he stepped up his campaign to legitimize pedophilia, going so far as to set up a “pedo-friendly” server chat group on messaging app Discord and wanting to recruit people sympathetic to his twisted cause. The 19-year-old has since been kicked off Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and even WordPress.

Chen, the person who played a major role in helping Yee obtain political refugee status in the United States, had recently put out a lengthy monologue expressing her guilt for how the teen turned out. “Given my active role in his successful asylum case that gifted him a clean slate and newfound freedoms, I must actively oppose him out of sheer personal responsibility as he has thoroughly abused these hard-won freedoms,” she declared in a video.

Yee’s mother Mary Toh, however, took issue with Chen’s sentiments through a very lengthy criticism of the US-based Singaporean activist — accusing her of championing the views of neo-Nazis while finding the teen’s views on pedophiles repulsive. Though she disagrees with the views of both white supremacists and pro-pedophilia advocates, Toh argues that Chen didn’t need to “create negative PR” against free speech.

“Melissa is a person who champions and surrounds herself with people who support platforming: the KKK, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and Alex Jones, people and groups that from my knowledge, advocate (and sometimes even directly cause) actual violence to people,” Toh wrote, claiming that her son has never advocated for direct harm against any child.

“The only reason I can think of why Melissa would criticize Twitter for banning nazis, yet subsequently call for Amos’ deportation, is because in America now it’s more popular to defend the ‘free speech rights’ of white supremacists and nazis, but not pedophiles.”

Toh then drops a vicious (and probably unnecessary) burn on Chen.

“She is dishonest, she is intellectually dishonest, a far cry from the skepticism and willingness to engage in ideas (no matter how reprehensible), values that she claims to uphold. I feel like she made that video against Amos based on completely biased misinformation spread about him by haters, and I think she should really refrain from posting on the internet whilst menstruating.”

Oof. It appears that Toh remains very much defensive of her son, claiming that Yee is a victim of “completely biased misinformation spread about him by haters,” as if he did nothing wrong at all by wanting to defend pedophiles.

It’s unclear where Toh got the information about Chen being supportive of white supremacists, but the accusation could stem from the free speech activist’s association with the conservative-leaning crowd, thanks to her appearances on The Rubin Report and Mythcon.

According to Toh, her son has attempted to reach out to Chen to clear any misunderstandings. The mother even hopes that Chen would issue a public apology for her “embarrassing” public statement.

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