Amy Kwok will return for a good script

Amy Kwok will return for a good script

1 Aug – Amy Kwok may have been keeping a low profile since 2006, but the former actress admitted that she will not turn down a good acting offer if such opportunity arises.

As reported on Singpao website, while speaking to the media at an SK-II skincare promotional event recently, the elegant Mrs. Sean Lau revealed that she has been spending time watching "Triumph in the Skies II" and "Karma Rider" in her free time, and praised the latter for its interesting storyline.

When asked if the series inspires her to make a comeback to TVB, the "Justice Sung" actress said, "If there is a good script and a good role, I don't mind doing it."

TVB has been inviting a lot of former stars to make a comeback in the past year, and Amy admitted that she was one of them, but had to turn it down to concentrate on her family.

However, Amy assured that the decision is not permanent, saying, "I will do it if there is time. I do hope that someone else would be able to look after the household if I do so!"

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