Amy Schumer says son Gene, 3, was hospitalized for RSV during 'Saturday Night Live' rehearsals

Amy Schumer shares that her three-year-old son was hospitalized with RSV. (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
Amy Schumer shares that her three-year-old son was hospitalized with RSV. (Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Amy Schumer says her three-year-old son Gene is on the mend following a battle with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

The comedian, 41, took to Instagram on Sunday to celebrate her Saturday Night Live hosting gig the night before. She shared that the week was not easy, given that her son suffered a health emergency in the midst of rehearsals for the variety show.

“This was the hardest week of my life,” the Inside Amy Schumer star wrote, alongside a series of photos of her time at SNL. “I missed Thursday rehearsals when my son was rushed to ER and admitted for RSV. Shout out to all the parents going though this right now. I got to be with him the whole day at the hospital and the beautiful humans at @nbcsnl couldn’t have been more supportive.”

RSV is an infection of the respiratory system. While it can present like a cold in adults, it can cause trouble breathing for babies and children. According to the CDC, there are more than 2 million cases of RSV a year in children under five, and between 58,000-80,000 hospitalizations among that age group.

She continued, saying that her son is “home and better.” She also applauded the SNL cast for being “the most talented people with the kindest hearts” as she dealt with the challenging situation. Schumer concluded her post, “Thank you everyone there and to the doctors and nurses who helped us.”

The I Feel Pretty actress received lots of love in her comments section from her industry peers. Sophia Bush wrote, “So glad the little guy is alright, and that your people held you through it,” while Vanessa Carlton commented, “Wow Amy that is intense beyond. So happy he’s out and doing well! I can’t wait to watch.”

Jessica Seinfeld said that she was “proudest” of the star for doing right by her son, adding, “Treating every nurse and doctor with warmth and appreciation whilst you were melting from fear and stress. You made the obvious choice to stay with Gene over going to SNL rehearsal that day, and you still managed to absolutely kill it last night. Blown away by you, per usual.”

In an August interview with The New Yorker, Schumer admitted that she struggled being away from her young son while on tour, noting that she knows “routine is so good” for children at his age.

"I'm anticipating how awful it's going to be saying goodbye to him, like, the third time I leave to go on the road,” she said at the time. “When you hear them cry and reach for you, you just want to throw up."

"I'm going to miss sixty-five nights of putting him to bed. I mean, what is that worth?" she contined. "Am I crazy for doing this? But then it's, like, I have the opportunity to go and make all this money.”

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