Ancient Inca tomb discovered in Lima home

STORY: An ancient tomb was discovered underneath this home in Peru

Lima, Peru

The remains could date as far back as the fifth century

[Julio Abanto, Archaeologist]

"We recovered some archaeological remains that were inside a four-meter deep pit. There we found three funerary bundles containing more than one body with rich grave goods corresponding to the Inca period."

The discovery was made during renovation work on the house

[Hipolito Tica, House owner]

"It was something I didn't expect. I didn't know exactly what was there. From what Mr. Julio told me, this is something unique. I have no words to describe it. I hope that the next generations will know what we have found here. We thought there was only soil here, but there is a lot of history underneath that soil."

Experts say there could be more Inca remains in the neighbourhood

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