Andhra Pradesh BJP to hold Telugu language week celebration from Aug 29

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Chandu Sambasiva Rao, BJP spokesperson
Chandu Sambasiva Rao, BJP spokesperson

Andhra Pradesh [India], August 28 (ANI): Andhra Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is going to hold "Telugu language week celebration starting from August 29 on the day to mark the birth anniversary of Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy, a great Telugu scholar who had fought for the Telugu language for the common man.

"To celebrate his contribution, we declared his birthday as 'Telugu Bhasa Varotsavalu' to celebrate his life and achievements", said Chandu Sambasiva Rao, state BJP spokesperson.

On the occasion, BJP is going to hold the Telugu Bhasha week celebration from August 29 to September 4 and as part of this, various competitions and literary programs are going to be held to celebrate the stalwart language, said Rao.

He said, "Learning subjects in their mother tongue will enhance the child's intellect while limiting Telugu to a subject will adversely affect on Telugu race".

BJP condemns the attempts of eradication of Telugu language by the state government and demands to take New Education Policy 2020 and propose programmes at least at the elementary level.

"We have to understand and question AP state government if you take Telugu from Telugu people, eventfully they become non-Telugu and after some time they become unknown people. By avoiding the language we are avoiding the race and we are also nullifying their heritage which is not acceptable to BJP", he stressed.

While talking about the New Education Policy, he said NEP is also promotes teaching in the mother tongue. The state government should reconsider its decision; we want govt to teach our kids in Telugu medium.

"We are not against any language but our demand is scientific that every kid shines by learning his mother tongue at the early ages", Rao said. (ANI)

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