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Shop smart and cut costs: Great value Andrex toilet roll bulk buy is back in stock

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The convenient toilet paper bulk buy you'll order again and again. (Getty Images)

We’re living in a very expensive world right now amid the growing cost of living crisis; prices are higher than ever before and energy bills are rising. Yahoo UK's Shopping Team is here to bring you savings on everyday essentials and bargain bulk buys.

As prices everywhere are skyrocketing, we're always on the hunt for household essentials that are great value for money.

One product we're always in need of is toilet paper, and thanks to Amazon, you can now buy a 45-pack of Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Rolls for less than £25 with next day delivery if you're a Prime member. It's finally back in stock after previously selling out.

We see this convenient toilet roll bulk buy constantly topping Amazon's Grocery bestseller list and with over 40,000 global reviews (77% of which are five stars), customers have little to complain about, other than the fact "it's always out of stock."

Why we rate it

Bulk buying essentials items such as loo roll or cleaning products will always be more cost-efficient. This particular saving works out to be 46p per roll of toilet paper, much cheaper than you'll ever find elsewhere for the same size or even smaller packs, especially in the shops.

Andrex Gentle Clean is made with 100% soft natural fibres, designed to be suitable for all the family. Made from two-ply natural fibres, there are 170 sheers per roll of super-soft toilet paper and the packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic.

Also, did you know that Andrex was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1978 too? This means the brand is a regular supplier of toilet tissue to the Royal households, too. If it's good enough for the Royal Family...!

toilet paper bulk buy
This 45-pack of Andrex toilet paper is a brilliant bargain. (Amazon/Yahoo Life UK)

Shop now

You can also subscribe and save, meaning you can choose how often this 45-pack is delivered, ranging from every two weeks to six months, and save an extra 10%. The most popular option with customers is every two months, which makes the loo roll £18.98 each time.

It's practical too, you won't have to carry a heavy pack home, instead it will arrive directly on your doorstep without you ever leaving the house.

What the reviews say

It's no surprise this bulk pack has been a hit with Amazon shoppers, with over 33,000 people giving the bulk buy a full five-star rating, that's no small feat.

One shopper described it as very "reasonably priced", while another said the gentle rolls are "long-lasting".

Other customers note that the practicality of the bulk buy "cannot be beaten" and that it's excellent "value-for-money".

Many shoppers out of the 40,000 reviews also say they would "highly recommend" it to family and friends for its quality, quantity and price.

How they compare price-wise

To give you a better overview of how much you're saving with this bulk pack, we've found the same brand of loo roll available in various quantities at national supermarkets.

At Asda (and most supermarkets) you'll find a four-pack of Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Roll costs £2.50. You'd have to buy 11 packs to get 45 rolls, which adds up to a total of £27.50.

Meanwhile, a nine-pack of Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Roll is £5 at more supermarkets from Morrisons to Ocado. You'd have to buy five packs to get 45 rolls, which comes to a total of £25, so the Amazon bulk buy works out £4 cheaper.

At Tesco, a pack of 24 Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue will cost you £11.25 with the same number of sheets per roll, which works out about the same per roll.

It's worth noting that you can't actually buy a 45-pack of Andrex toilet roll from anywhere else other than Amazon.

However, to give a broader sense of bulk buying prices, Cheeky Panda's pack of 45 sustainable bamboo rolls is £39.99, while 48 rolls of Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper will set you back £44.

Shop now: Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Rolls - 45 Toilet Roll Pack | £21.09 from Amazon

£21.09 at Amazon

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