Andy Lau cautious about doing action scenes

12 Jul – Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau recently admitted that he has become much more cautious of doing action scenes since his horse-riding accident in 2017.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who sat down for an interview to promote his new movie, "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords", shared that there were still side effects from his previous accident despite a year of rest.

"Of course, I won't do horse-riding scenes. But even when doing action scenes, I would think a lot about it before saying yes to it," he said.

Andy stated that he wasn't the only person who is worried about his well-being, as director Herman Yau was also anxious about letting him do his own stunts.

"In Thailand, I had to do this scene where I ran up a flight of stairs. But as soon as I turned around, the director yelled cut," he said.

The actor stated that his worries trickled down to co-star Louis Koo as well.

"When he fell down while shooting a scene at the MTR station, I was worried that he would aggravate his old injury," he said.

To that, Louis responded, "I was not afraid of doing fight scenes. It's intimate scenes that I was awkward at."

(Photo Source: Sing Tao Daily)