Andy Lau says wife is just fat, not pregnant

Andy Lau says wife is just fat, not pregnant

24 May – Tired of ongoing rumours about his wife pregnancy, Andy Lau recently stated once and for all that it was just weight gain.

As reported on QQ, the tabloids began speculating that Carol is pregnant once again after the mother of one was seen heading to a Buddhist temple wearing a face mask and a loose white shirt.

Accompanied by a bodyguard who was observed to be carrying a bag of nutritional supplements, tabloids speculated that Carol was at the temple to offer incense for the success of her second pregnancy.

However, in an interview with the media recently, Andy denied Carol's pregnancy for the umpteenth time, saying, "She just gained weight. She's not pregnant."

Nonetheless, the actor admitted that he and Carol are trying to have a second baby, though expressed his hopes that the public won't pressure them.

"If we succeed, I will absolutely tell you in three months," said Andy.