Andy, Nicholas and Jacky want to be good fathers

Andy, Nicholas and Jacky want to be good fathers

22 Feb – Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Nicholas Tse learn to be good fathers for their children despite the busy schedules, according to a report on CNTV.

Lau is said to be eager to be a father of his daughter who will be born in June this year. At home, he interacts more with his young relatives and is able to improve his likability among kids.

While filming his award-winning film "A Simple Life", the crew was clueless when they had to deal with a one-year-old child actor, who couldn't fit himself into a particular scene. However, Lau was able to persuade the actor to ease into the role.

Lau's fellow pal, Jacky Cheung has been performing at more than 100 concerts around the world. Due to his busy schedule Cheung realised that he seemed like a stranger to his daughter, therefore the superstar decided to spend more time with his child by sending her to school every morning.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse who is recognized as an extreme hard-worker on sets, would always make time to take Lucas to sporting games despite his divorce with Cecilia Cheung, which now allows him limited time than before they were all living together.