Andy Zhang denies wife and stepson collecting evidence of his affair

15 May – Chinese actor Andy Zhang recently took to social media to deny rumours that wife Catherine Hung is currently gathering evidence of his extra-marital affair with manager Bi Ying.

As reported on Sina, the actor decided to address the situation earlier this week, after it was reported that both Catherine and her son Ashley from previous marriage have deleted all pictures and posts mentioning Andy from their respective Weibo accounts.

Said Andy, he didn't want to clarify anything at first since he has already done so through his management company, but found that the rumours continue to circulate the longer he kept mum about it.

"We were in the midst of an argument when she deleted everything. I believe it is common for couples to argue with each other. This is a personal matter between the two of us. If you are not related, no need to assume you know something about it," he wrote.

As for Ashley, Andy said that the 19-year-old idol was asked to delete everything from his personal Weibo account by his management company.

"Please don't drag the children in this issue. Does the media have no bottom line?" he asked.

(Photo Source: Nanrenwo)