Police investigating Ang Mo Kio Town Council website hacking

A screengrab of the Ang Mo Kio Town Council website's front page, with the message left by "The Messiah". (Screengrab from AMK Town Council site)

[UPDATE: at 11:22pm, adding comments from Mr Ang Hin Kee]

Police are investigating the compromising of Ang Mo Kio Town Council's website, www.amktc.org.sg, according to Ang Mo Kio member of parliament (MP) Ang Hin Kee.

Speaking to Yahoo Singapore on Monday evening, Ang clarified that no personal information was compromised as all information on the website was public. He nonetheless called it "malicious", but said the intrusion caused "minimal" inconvenience as the town council acted quickly to shut the site and investigate the hacking.

"Nonetheless, we will ramp up security to the website," said Ang. "We also regret that the attacker has chosen to attack an amenity that residents can access."

After the hacker's outings on Sun Ho's as well as the People's Action Party (PAP) Community Foundation websites, the now-infamous "The Messiah" left a message in a two-panel carousel on the town council's home page on Monday afternoon targeting both it and Ang.
The first panel read, "I have been to various sites and seen how they take the initiative to secure their systems. You have a brain and you have money. You had a choice. Don't blame external factors (Anonymous) for this hack. - The Messiah ;)".

It linked to an article on sociopolitical site TR Emeritus reporting Ang's comments on the Woodlands bus interchange incident where a man was recorded on video spitting and verbally attacking other commuters over cutting a queue.

Ang said those comments, which were quoted in a MyPaper article previously, were taken out of context in that piece, adding that he has not spoken further on the issue since.
Clicking to the second panel revealed a second message, purportedly of Ang "tender(ing) (his) resignation as your minister of parliament".
"I am incapable and have failed you," wrote the hacker, who added another link to a YouTube video about the Anonymous group of "hacktivists".
By about 5pm, administrators had locked the Town Council's website, requiring authentication to access it.