Angelababy is not afraid of Xu Jinglei

Angelababy is not afraid of Xu Jinglei

8 Jul - Angelababy is not afraid of being compared to Xu Jinglei, who played the role of Yueyue in the drama that Angelababy's upcoming movie, "Crimes Of Passion", is based on.

As reported on QQ, at the promotional event for the movie, Angelababy revealed, "I have never seen the original because I don't want to have to play a role based on something that already existed. I want to portray the 21st century Yueyue."

The actress added that she has added more glamour to the dark character, making her version of Yueyue, the "headstrong girl on the outside but gentle soul on the inside", sexier and more fashionable.

However, the actress admitted that playing Yueyue was not easy for her.

"A lot of emotion was needed for the role. It was a big challenge for me."

Produced by Shanghai Inlook Media, "Crimes Of Passion" is a remake of the 1997 mainland Chinese television drama, "A Sentimental Story". After three years in the making, the film is slated for release on 13 August this year.