Angelababy responds to backlash over "special treatment"

23 May – "I was having my period."

That was the answer given by Angelababy, following the backlash and criticism that she was given special treatment on the set of her variety show, "Keep Running".

As reported on Orange News, the issue sparked recently when netizens slammed Angelababy for being doused with water only once during a segment, while the other members were soaked with water.

One netizen commented that the show is not suitable for her, saying that she should just "go home and be a princess!"

On the other hand, some criticised the actress for showing an exaggerated expression when drenched with water.

Angelababy soon decided to address the backlash on social media. She stated that that while it wasn't her first time getting soaked during her period, it was the first time that she had to do the segment while being on her first day of menstruation, which was a little harder.

She added, "I've never said that I can't go into the water. If I couldn't do it, I wouldn't have sat on that chair. I felt cold and frightened because you do not know what words or actions will trigger the water to spray."

The actress also stated that there is nothing she can do about the negative comments thrown her way but to turn them into positive energy.

(Photo Source: Angelababy Weibo)