'Angry Birds' activity parks announced for Finland

The Angry Birds are arriving at the Finnish chain of Holiday Club hotels, with three special Activity Parks planned, and the first due to open in time for Christmas 2012.

The Holiday Club hotel in Kuusamo, eastern Finland, is the first to receive an Angry Birds area.

Next up is the center in Saariselkä, tucked away in the country's northernmost reaches, with the Angry Birds park due February 2013, and the Holiday Club at Saamia -- roughly halfway between Helsinki and St Petersburg -- benefits from the third.

In addition, there's a new activity park at the more centrally located Vuokatti, which is due to be completed this year.

Why Finland? "We are glad, that the internationalization through our brand happens two-way. The investments of Holiday Club will increase the stream of travelers to Finland" said Peter Vesterbacka of Angry Birds studio Rovio, which itself operates out of Finland's second city, Espoo.

Similarly, the CEO of Holiday Club Resorts Oy expressed his hope that more tourists would visit from areas outside Finland, such as Russia, Sweden, Central Europe, China and Japan.

The Holiday Club projects are preceeded by other Angry Birds attractions at theme parks in Finland, the UK, and China.