Angry Rhino Bull Suddenly Charges Towards Safari Vehicle

The video shows a big rhino bull, suddenly charging towards a safari vehicle, forcing the vehicle to move off with great haste and narrowly escaping a potentially dangerous situation. Going on safari in any National Park in Africa will ask you to take great care when coming near large and dangerous animals. Usually, elephants are the most intimidating and dangerous animals to meet right in the road while travelling along through the bush. This video shows that not only elephants have the tendency to charge towards vehicles. Rhinos clearly have the same tendency, even though it is way less common. White rhinos specifically are normally very chilled animals and seeing them becoming angry and agitated with vehicles is not the norm. But like with anything in the African bush, expect the unexpected and be prepared. The rhinos in the video initially seemed calm with all the vehicles in its surroundings. The behaviour of the large male rhino suddenly changed when one safari vehicle transporting tourists through the park decided to move on slowly past the rhinos. Bad idea. The rhino bull suddenly stormed towards the safari vehicle in a puff of dust. The vehicle immediately sped off in another puff of dust. The rhinos all became bewildered but quickly clamed down when the dust settled. Luckily the driver of the safari vehicle reacted in good time to avoid a nasty incident.