Angry swan detained by police in 'Hot Fuzz' road rage arrest

Swan (CambsCopsSC)

An angry swan was “arrested” following a “road rage” incident, in a scenes reminiscent of Hot Fuzz. 

Police in Cambridgeshire detained the bird in the back of a patrol car after it “obstructed the highway”.

The force posted photographs of the animal in the back of the squad car using the hashtag #HotFuzz, in reference to the Edgar Wright comedy.

In the film, a missing swan is apprehended by officer Nicholas Angel, played by Simon Pegg.

Special Constabulary cops tweeted: “One in custody following road rage, RTC and obstructing the Highway! Awaiting RSPCA/RSPB attendance. #HotFuzz #NoSwansWereHarmed #SIKing”

The RSPCA later released the bird in a river following its “arrest”.

Police were called after members of the public worried about the swan on the A1123 in St Ives.

The force said it had been reported the swan was hit by a lorry and had landed on a bridge nearby.

However, the RSPA found no signs of injury.

The swan was uninjured, despite concerns from the public (CambsCopsSC)

Responding to a question about whether not the swan had worn a seatbelt, the police tweeted: “Wings safely secured with velcro straps. We didn’t want him hurting himself with all the excitement.”

Another user asked if it was returned to Mr P I Staker in reference to the 2007 film, which follows officers investigating strange deaths in the fictional town of Sandford.

One person added: “Came for the Hot Fuzz gifs, was not disappointed.”

Technically, wild unmarked mute swans belong to the Crown. Taking a swan could amount to theft and injuring them could amount to criminal damage.

Both these offences committed against swans have been successfully prosecuted in recent years, according to police.