Anime Dishes We’ve Always Wanted to Try

Therese Aseoche

Via Tumblr: alicedollie

Anime Dishes We’ve Always Wanted to Try

By Therese Aseoche

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Is there anything the Japanese can’t do? They seem to have mastered the art of making illustrated meals look so much yummier than in real-life, and we often find ourselves wishing we had a plateful of whatever the characters were indulging in.

Give yourself your daily dose of food porn and feast your eyes on these 8 dishes from anime series and films we could only imagine the taste of.

8. Bacon and Eggs from Howl’s Moving Castle

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Via Tumblr: indefinitewonderland

Can bacon really be that thick and crunchy??


7. Giant Ba-wan from Spirited Away

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We have no effing clue what the heck that thing is, but damn does it look good.


6. Omurice from Garden of Words

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That close-up though. *drools*


5. Okumura Rin Special from Ao no Exorcist

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Just look how fluffy that omelet is!