Aniston 'worried about Theroux/Tyler friendship'

22 July 2014
Aniston 'worried about Theroux/Tyler friendship'
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly getting annoyed with Justin Theroux's friendship with Liv Tyler.

The two are currently starring alongside each other in new TV show The Leftovers and apparently get on like a house on fire, a fact that has left Justin's fiancée Jennifer feeling slightly irritated.

Sources also say the possibility that Jennifer's former Friends co-star Courteney Cox may wed before her has also upset the star, as Courteney only announced her engagement to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid last month.

"There's talk that at this rate Courteney Cox is going to be walking down the aisle before Jen, despite only having just got engaged. Jen has felt disheartened, and is said to have been pushing Justin to set a date, and even floating the idea of eloping," an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

"Adding to the stress is the fact that Liv is a New York native, when Justin's refusal to move to LA has been a bone of contention. Jen's said to be considering putting their LA home on the market, as they've spent so little time there."

Jennifer and Justin's alleged relationship problems have been widely reported, with the fact they live on different sides of America often cited as one of the reasons they're not yet married.

However the couple, who announced their engagement in August 2012, have made numerous red carpet appearances together lately looking loved up and happy. But the source says 45-year-old Jennifer can't help but doubt herself at times.

"He's a lot more laidback than Jen, which is a quality he shares with Liv. And that's not all he and Liv have in common. They both value the simple things in life and are each eccentric in their own way, whereas Jen is very mainstream.

"There's a part of her that worries that Justin's friendship with Liv could provide things that his relationship with her just can't," the insider added.

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