Anna Paquin would like us to know she does not have a set of Louis Vuitton luggage

Anna Paquin at Build Studio on Jan. 18. (Photo: Getty Images)

Anna Paquin wants to set the record straight with Yahoo Entertainment: She does not own a full set of brand-new Louis Vuitton luggage. Like most regular people, when she travels with her twins, it’s with a bunch of mismatched bags chosen for their capacity to hold stuff, not for their branding or glamour. She also doesn’t want to be that privileged person throwing “a pity party” for herself. We hear you, girl, and stand in solidarity with your airport trials.

The actress took to Instagram on Saturday to clarify what happened to her at the airport in Atlanta earlier this week, when a TSA agent made her cry. For our part, when the Yahoo Entertainment article made mention of “a full set of brand-new Louis Vuitton luggage, the world’s best travel pillow, and a personal valet to tote it all through the airport for you,” it was meant as a generalized assumption of what traveling as a celebrity must be like — a device used simply to illustrate the idea that airplane travel sucks for everyone.

“This is boring and long but apparently my insta posts took on a life of their own and needed some further explanation,” she wrote, captioning the image of her full story.

Paquin says that she and her kids had just said goodbye to her husband, Stephen Moyer, before they’d be separated for several months as the two actors work on projects in different parts of the world.

“There were two signs pointing in different directions with what looked to me like the same info on them so I asked a TSA agent (who was not attending to anyone else at the time) which line I should be in and tried to show our boarding passes. To which she snapped/yelled ‘lady you need to read the sign’ so I tried to explain that the signs weren’t clear to me to which I got an even louder and angrier repeat and less charmingly worded repeat of ‘read the sign’ ‘help.’ ”

Paquin says the agent’s tone and volume are what really affected her, especially when she was trying to be polite and make sure she and her kids were in the right place and not in anyone’s way. It was just the last straw on an emotional day that pushed her to tears.

“I’m sorry if this came across as someone of privilege throwing a pity party,” she concludes. “Certainly not my intention. And I really do appreciate everyone who works so hard to ensure our safety in all of our everyday lives.”

She also added a separate post with a photo of the luggage she thinks Louis Vuitton would find mortifying.

None of this will seem surprising to anyone who follows the actress regularly on social media. Her feed more closely resembles your BFF than an A-list celebrity, as it’s packed with more Crossfit workouts and reposted memes from parenting sites like Scary Mommy than fabulous shots from red carpets and yachting vacations. Let’s hope the reaction to this instance of regular motherhood doesn’t discourage her from sharing more.

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