Anne Hathaway is living her Harry Styles dating fantasy in the trailer for ‘The Idea Of You’

Anne Hathaway in The Idea Of You

When I was in middle school and high school, it was the dream of many girls to one day be in a relationship with or even marry their celebrity crush, of course—but our musician crushes of interest included the guys from NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, or even Hanson. Though there were some of us who loved Kurt Cobain and Gavin Rossdale, too—ahem.

These days, the heartthrob musician women of all ages can’t get enough of is Harry Styles, and his personal life and dating preferences seem to be the inspiration for The Idea of You, a new romantic drama coming out in May. In The Idea of You, all of us can live vicariously through the romance between Anne Hathaway—who plays a normal person—and Nicolas Galitzine—who plays the lead singer of the world’s hottest boy band.

The Idea of You is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Robinne Lee. In the novel (and now movie), 40-year-old Solène is left by her husband, which also meant canceling his Coachella trip with their 16-year-old daughter Izzy. Taking one for the team—or so she thought—Solène takes her 16 year old alone, and she crosses paths with Hayes Campbell, who is the frontman of boy band August Moon. And he also happens to be 24 years old.

This turns the entire typical teen girl crush trope on its head. The tables are turned as a younger celebrity falls for an older woman. Solène is much older than Hayes, and it will be interesting to see how a 40-year-old woman not only handles everything that comes with being a mom to a teenager and career woman on top of a sizzling romance with not just a younger man, but a celebrity. And it will also be interesting to see how a young celebrity handles real life and being in a relationship with an older, more experienced woman who has a lot of responsibilities.

After the couple meets backstage during Coachella, “a steamy relationship is kindled,” according to Variety. In the trailer, when Hayes shows up at Solène’s art gallery job “looking for art,” he finds a piano and plays her a song. As he plays, he grips her thigh. ‘I’m too old for you,’ she insists, before he pulls her in for a kiss and whispers: ‘No you’re not.’”

Excuse me but a song, a thigh grab and a passionate kiss? I’m getting the vapors, y’all.

The trailer shows Solène and Hayes navigating the paparazzi following their every move, while Solène is worried about what people will think. Hayes responds that he doesn’t care what they think. He obviously likes older women and doesn’t care what anyone has to say about that.

We also see Solène opening her computer to a photo of the couple making out on the beach, with the headline, “Hayes Campbell caught a COUGAR,” to which she screams and slams the computer shut.

When discussing the events with her friend, Solène says, “I didn’t know my being happy would piss so many people off.” to which her friend responds, “Didn’t I warn you? People hate happy women.”

Of course the paparazzi’s focus is on Solène and not Hayes for the age gap in the relationship, a relationship that is  pretty similar to another heartthrob male celebrity’s past relationships.

The links between Hayes’ character and Harry Styles stems from the speculation of author Robinne Lee writing her novel and basing the character on Styles, who clearly enjoys dating older women as evidenced by his dating track record.

Regardless if it’s a nod toward Harry Styles, this movie just sounds like a blast from top to bottom, and a perfect movie to watch with girlfriends over sitting on the couch with drinks and snacks.

The film will stream globally on Amazon Prime Video starting on May 2, and you can view the trailer here.