Annuar Musa hits the ground running in 2-day Umno roadshow


JERLUN: Clad in a ‘baju melayu’, a sarong and a songkok, Umno Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa strolled through a number of villages in Padang Serai here to meet local kampung folks, as part of the “Jelajah Mesra Penerangan Roadshow” programme in Kedah.

Annuar started the hectic day with a meeting at the state Umno headquarters in Alor Star before heading to Kampung Belukar where he made a stop at the Wanita’s Sukaneka event followed by a luncheon with the local leaders.

He then joined the Masjid Melele congregation to perform Friday prayers and took time out for casual chats with the mosque’s committee members and the local folks.

From there, Annuar visited five veteran Umno members in the division at their homes, where he also handed over some gifts in appreciation of their contributions.

The Ketereh MP then mingled with the youth participating in a ‘sepak raga tuju’ competition at Kampung Keda Wang here, where he shared some light moments with the villagers.

In the evening, he performed Maghrib prayers at a surau in Kampung Kubang Menerong, where he also distributed some daily essentials to the locals before proceeding to a gathering with Jerlun folks where he touched on several current issues.

Annuar was satisfied with the warm reception he received from the locals in Parti Bersatu Pribumi Malaysia (PPBM) deputy president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir’s stronghold territory.

“During the meet-and-greet sessions, most of the locals were asking about bread-and-butter issues, cost of living and so on, all of which the government is addressing.

“They also asked why the government decided to withdraw fuel subsidies and opted for the float pricing system based on the world crude oil price,” he said.

Annuar said he took the opportunity to explain the government’s stand on the current issues.

“This showed that we as the government should not take things for granted, especially on the importance of explaining current issues, so that they get the right picture.

“As the Umno information chief, I wish to see Umno’s machinery working harder to listen to the voices of the people on the ground all the time so that the party can reflect on the people’s sentiment,” he said.

Tomorrow morning, Annuar is scheduled to officiate the Jerlun Veteran Umno annual general meeting at Tanjung Padang Serai, followed by a meeting with Umno division leaders before concluding his two-day programme in Kedah.