Annuar to raise issue of UEC recognition in Parliament


ALOR STAR: Umno Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa will be raising the issue of recognition of the United Education Certificate (UEC) in Parliament next week.

However, he stressed that the matter will be raised in his capacity as the Ketereh member of Parliament, and not as the Umno Information chief or Mara chairman.

Annuar said it is crucial for the long-running issue to be resolved amicably, without further delay.

As such, he said he hopes that the Chinese education group Dong Zong and the government will reach a mutual understanding on the UEC.

"(It is) important for all quarters to view the issue from the point of view of education, instead of from the racial perspective.

"Personally, I believe that the private Chinese vernacular school establishment is within the Constitutional framework, and we must not deny them their rights.

"But I must stress that, this issue can only be resolved if all parties concerned respect each other's rights," he told a press conference at the state Umno headquarters here this morning, before attending the two-day Umno Information's "Jelajah Mesra Penerangan Roadshow" in Kedah, which begins today.

The UEC is a standardised examination conducted by leading Chinese education group Dong Zong (United School Committees Association of Malaysia) in the country's 60 Chinese secondary schools.

In the 1960s, these schools were privatised after they chose to retain Mandarin as their medium of instruction.

Dong Zong has been pushing for UEC recognition in order that students can submit them as part of their application to enrol in public universities and the civil service.