Another Da’i celebrity preacher scandal erupts after wife goes public with husband's infidelity

Tan Mei Zi
Zaidah (right) said her husband has repeatedly tested her patience over the past four years. — Pictures from YouTube/TV3Malaysia Official and Facebook/aida.ismail.775

PETALING JAYA, Dec 23 — Trouble is brewing in the marriage of yet another participant from TV3’s religious programme Da’i.

Zaidah Ismail, the wife of preacher Muhammad Asri Hijrah Damni or better known as Da’i Hijrah, uploaded a Facebook post on December 20 detailing her partner’s alleged infidelity over the past four years.

She had found out about one of his supposed indiscretions shortly after he had returned from a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Zaidah added that she chose to go public with their dispute after several trips to the court failed to result in a peaceful resolution for the couple.

“We’ve been through many trials but there’s nothing that I can conclude except that the same thing keeps repeating itself.

“For four years, I’ve been keeping all the evidence to myself and putting up a front, but I know he doesn’t value what I’m trying to protect.

“I felt disappointed when a woman privately messaged me about him five days after he returned from umrah, especially since I was always faithful and loyal to him after he left me behind to go on the pilgrimage,” she wrote.

Zaidah also said that while she saw Da’i Hijrah as a good husband, he was supposedly struggling with an addiction but she did not elaborate further on the matter.

Social media users believe that Da’i Hijrah is the preacher spotlighted in a recent mStar interview where an anonymous woman claimed that her husband, who is a religious figure, had exchanged lewd messages and audio recordings with other women.

In the same interview, the woman also accused the preacher of sharing intimate photos with his ex-girlfriend through private messages on Instagram.

After getting bombarded with messages online demanding an explanation, Da’i Hijrah erased his digital footprint online and his Instagram and Facebook accounts appear to have been deleted.