Another evacuation flight facilitated by US takes off from Kabul

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Representative image

Washington [US] September 11 (ANI): The US government facilitated a second flight for the departures of US citizens and lawful permanent residents of Afghanistan on a chartered Qatar Airways flight from Kabul to a neighbouring country.

The Qatar Airways flight held 19 US citizens and the party travelling overland included two US citizens and 11 lawful permanent residents, NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne informed in a statement.

"We are continuing intensive work across the US government to facilitate the safe transit of these individuals and other US citizens, LPRs, and Afghans who have worked for the US and who wish to leave Afghanistan," a statement said.

"Because there is an ongoing terrorist threat to operations of this nature, we will not be sharing details of these efforts before people are safely out of the country," it said.

Earlier today, the first chartered Qatar Airways flight from Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) successfully landed in Qatar.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday also informed that the country is planning to vaccinate all the people who are arriving in the US under Operation Allies Mission.

Operation Allies Mission has been undertaken by the US in a bid to evacuate US partners, US permanent residents in Afghanistan along with vulnerable Afghans including women and children after the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. (ANI)

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