Another fire breaks out in George Town, 2 shophouses razed


GEORGE TOWN: The city lost two more of its heritage shophouses here earlier today after another fire took place just within 24 hours after the first incident occurred yesterday at Jalan Penang.

This time, the fire at Lebuh Cintra, engulfed two shophouses here when the incident happened at about 2pm.

One of the units, selling and repairing air conditioner items was 90 per cent destroyed while the other lot was partially razed.

Lebuh Pantai Fire and Rescue Department operation commander Azmi Ahmad arrived with 34 men to put out the fire, minutes after they received the emergency call.

"The hot weather could be a reason the fire spread quickly next door but fortunately no one was inside when the fire incident happened.

"We managed to control the fire at about 3.14pm," he said, adding that it will take the team a few more hours to put out the fire completely.

Yesterday, firemen took almost 10 hours to put out the fire at four pre-war shophouses in Jalan Penang.

A foreign woman, believed to be Indonesian, in her 30s, was inside one of the shops, selling souvenirs. She was trapped for almost 30 minutes and had screamed for help when she the fire broke out at about 9.30am.

She was pulled out of the shop safely and was rushed to the hospital.

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