Another track intruder at Singapore GP - this time, it's a lizard

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Screenshot from Formula One Twitter account @F1

A different sort of track intruder appeared during this year’s Formula One race in Singapore.

During the practice run on Saturday evening (17 Sept), Red Bull driver Max Verstappen alerted his team saying, “"There's a giant lizard on the track! I’m not joking.”

"You came face to face with Godzilla then," someone wryly replied.

The ‘giant lizard’ is believed to be a monitor lizard.

The official Formula One account tweeted about the incident, commenting, "Things you don't expect to hear in FP3"

Last year, a track intruder made headlines during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend for walking on the track during the race. Briton Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia, 27, entered the track to take a video of the race between Turn 13 and Turn 14.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel spotted him and reported to his team, “There’s a man on the track!”

Dhokia was jailed six weeks for committing a rash act.