Another wanted man nabbed at Jacky Cheung's concert

24 May – Known as the Cantopop Heavenly King and God of Song, Jacky Cheung is adding another nickname to his collection after the mainland media reported another fugitive was nabbed at his concert recently.

As reported on Mingpao, a man surnamed Yu was arrested by the police as he was leaving the Jiaxing Sports Stadium in Jiaxing following Jacky's concert, after he was identified during security checks at the entrance prior to the show.

An official of the security bureau responsible at the scene stated that the system issued a warning that Yu was a wanted person after he passed through the security checkpoint.

This is the third arrest that has been made in the two months since Jacky started his tour in mainland China.

Back in early April, a wanted man surnamed Ao was detained at his concert in Jiangxi province. The man, who went to the show with his wife, was reported to have told people that he thought he would be safe in a large crowd.

Another fugitive, Liu, was arrested on 5 May during Jacky's show in Fujian following a similar recognition system used at the concert.

Following these arrests, the mainland media joked that the singer should be now called "Nemesis of Fugitives".

On the other hand, Jacky's record label, Universal said that they have no comments regarding the incidents.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)