Another (Wednes)day, another goofy TikTok video from the Singapore Police Force

Remember the last police PSA that made us get major secondhand cringe?

They’re back with more, but this recent effort is pretty good. No really, we’re surprised ourselves.

In the latest police PSA on TikTok, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) put together a skit inspired by the spooky Netflix series Wednesday where people get a ‘vision’ of the consequences of their crime.

During the ‘vision’, the criminal will see themselves being arrested by the police along with the charges that come with the crime.

And it seems like the lil’ educating bit is a hit judging from the comments.

Even though we’ve long binged the TV show (it was released in November 2022), this is much better than the other cringey video.

The admin must really like Wednesday because there are a couple of videos on the feed inspired by the show.

Well, let’s hope to see them hop on another perhaps more relevant trend soon – hint below.


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