Anthony Wong apologises to Jackie Chan

19 Apr - Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong recently took to social media to apologise to Jackie Chan for the misunderstanding caused by his speech at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor recently sparked discussion among netizens when he appeared on stage to present Best Screenplay at the HKFA, and made a statement that Hong Kong movies will continue to be produced every year.

Many thought that he was directing his words towards Jackie - who previously angered many Hong Kong people by saying that there is no distinction between Chinese movies and Hong Kong movies.

He wrote, "I may not be a competent man, but I will never insult a senior on a happy and serious occasion. [...] The speech was prepared a week ago. I didn't know who would be attending.

"Although I didn't kill Boren, Boren died because of me! I have to apologise to Big Brother Jackie Chan," he added, quoting the Chinese idiom that originated from a famous misunderstanding that happened during the reign of Emperor Yuan.

Anthony also responded to several comments from netizens who thought that he was forced to apologise, saying that they are thinking too much about it. He added that it was the media who distorted the message and interpreted his words as they liked.

(Photo Source: China Times)