Anthony Wong irked by notice of boycott

Anthony Wong irked by notice of boycott

8 Nov – Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong recently expressed his anger online after hearing that his new movie, "Gangster Pay Day", has been boycotted in mainland China. However, it's not the boycott itself that irked him the most.

According to Mingpao News, the movie, which opened in mainland yesterday, reportedly received only limited screening, and has only ten shows in Beijing.

An analysis made by mainland film buffs stated that the movie received less favourable treatment not only due to Anthony's controversial comments about the mainland, but also due to the uninteresting subject of the movie.

One of the cinemas even posted notices that read: "The 7 November release for "Gangster Pay Day" stars "Occupy Central" supporter, Anthony Wong. This cinema will respond to the call of major circuits and will not be showing this film."

"We adhere to our stance in the issue, and Hong Kong's stability cannot be turned upside down by foreign power!"

Anthony, who was angrier about the notice than everything else, uploaded a photo of the notice on his Facebook and asked, "When did I turn into a 'foreign power'?"

He also managed to correct several grammatical errors on the notice.

The actor revealed that he is currently in negotiation for five new movies, and one of them is to be produced by a mainland studio.

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