Anthony Wong refutes Jackie Chan at HKFA?

17 Apr - Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong recently surprised many when he allegedly took a swipe at action star Jackie Chan for the latter's previous statement about Hong Kong movies and Chinese films having no distinction at all.

As reported on Epoch Times, the vociferous actor who came on stage as a presenter for the Best Screenplay category at the Hong Kong Film Awards recently, gave a cryptic comments about the elements of scriptwriting, and expressed that Hong Kong movies will continue to be produced year after year.

On the other hand, a number of media reported that Anthony mentioned that there was a CPPCC representative who said that "there is no Hong Kong movie, only Chinese movie", and asked if the person - who was attending the HKFA - came as a representative of a Chinese movie industry or a Hong Kong movie industry. The audience went silent after that.

It is noted that Jackie previously made such a statement to the media, prompting Hong Kong filmmaker Philip Yung to respond to Facebook by sharing a list of movies that is essentially Hong Kong-flavoured.

However, the aforementioned remark by Anthony was not shown in the live broadcast, sparking suspicion among netizens that the broadcaster had edited some of the comments.

When asked about his comments after the event, Anthony denied it was a jab towards Jackie, saying, "I was only cheering on Hong Kong movies."