Anwar’s seat decided, but it’s not Pandan, or in Penang or Kedah

Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
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    I don't know why DSAI is making a guessing game out of this. Its not like a GE type of election.. it a "arranged" by-election and done at a safe seat just to ensure he becomes an MP that will brings him into the government.
    DSAI and PKR don't care about the cost, inconvenience and the fact that the rakyat is tired of re-elections.
    Plus the fact that the by-election will probably happens in Oct.. much coincident to PKR election.. to me it all part of DSAI strategy as by Oct he is officially confirmed as PKR President
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    What if the Rakyat of that selected constituency vote in favor of BN or PAS because they still want Tun M?
    Possible isn't it?
    We rakyat are the CASH.
    Please don't play with us.
    There will be a Pro Tun M campaign from both PH and the opposition.
    PKR can strategies anything but WE decide.
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    if anwar lose the by-election, that will make budak2 tin kosong pkr, humble up.
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    Nurul should give her seat to Anwar. This is his strong hold and guarantee win. They stood for him when he was in jail now it's time to give back daddy's seat. After all the only reason is to enable him to go back to the parliament. Anwar's family is a bit selfish now thinking they won the seats. Actually they won because they were Anwar's wife and daughter. Give him back because there are just way too many by-election and the turnout is low. It would be very embarrassing when people don't go to vote.
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    he said, wanted to help azizah ?? why is he not taking the seat ??
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    It is a strategic move to secure his spot if something were to happen to 93 yo
    Tun M, but people are tired of the election..
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    Road Warrior
    I think this Anwar thing is getting over their heads.... remember PH won not because of Anwar.... and I believe there are many out there you want Tun to stay longer... as long as it takes....... PKR..... is NOT a family cartel.... so voters please show these jokers the error of their ways...... hiding behind the veil of so called Reformasi... the real reformers are those who have been fighting for decades and when to ISA several times while Si Anwar and wife were enjoying UMNO-BN....
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    Im not sure why ppl said dsai is rushing to become pm. Yes he might not be perfect but lets not forget the current issues that msia is facing all contributes by tun mahathir. During his reign, he gave birth to cronisym and nepotism and subsequent PMs took over from him only continuing what he had created, just that mo1 went overboard due to greed. In thess few months after 9518, tun mahathir has touched many past initiatives which he would like to reactivate with fresh investment. This sent chill to many ppl spine as ppl worried he is returning to his dark side instead of reforming the country. So dsai return to parliament and take over the reign from tun mahathir should be fully supported.
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    Let's show Anwar our dissatisfaction and vote the opposition in the coming by-election.
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    Kinda shows that it was never really about Keadilan. It's been about himself all this while.