'I was afraid of getting beaten up'


A motorcyclist who was caught on camera crashing into a pedestrian who later succumbed to her injuries on Thursday said yesterday he did not stop to help the victim for fear of getting beaten up by the public.

The 44-year-old-man, who cracked his cheek and chin bones in the incident, said he went to Penang Hospital for treatment immediately.

Met at the Northeast district police headquarters here yesterday, the man said he only knew the victim had died late that night.

“I did not stop as I was afraid that I would get beaten up by the public.

“Immediately after the accident, I went to the hospital to treat my injuries.

“The police arrested me in the hospital this morning (yesterday),” he said.

The motorcyclist said he would give his full cooperation to police investigations.

It was reported that Foo Swee Wah, 58, was knocked down by a speeding motorcyclist while she was walking across a zebra crossing in Jalan Burma at 1.20pm on Thursday.

She died at 8.45pm while being treated at hospital.

The case is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

A 12-second video clip released by police, which has since gone viral, shows Foo walking along the zebra crossing.

Three seconds later, the speeding motorcyclist slams into her, dropping a motorcycle helmet in the process, but without stopping.

Foo is flung several feet by the impact before falling to the ground, immobile.

Asked why he did not stop when someone was walking across the zebra crossing, the motorcyclist claimed he was rushing for work.

Earlier yesterday, Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridalatrash Wahid confirmed that the man was caught while seeking treatment at the hospital.

“He was then taken to the Northeast district police headquarters for questioning before being sent back to the hospital.

“He will continue receiving treatment for the cracks on his cheek and chin bones at the hospital,” he said.

Netizens have taken to social media to express sympathy for Foo’s family and condemn the motorcyclist’s action.

Sem H. Lee said: “I would really (want to) ask him, why?

“Why didn’t you stop at the zebra crossing like everyone else?”

Aarif Iman Abdullah, meanwhile, posted that he was angry and that the culprit was a “chicken” to run from the scene.

Ying Kuan Kam said: “Good (that the motorcyclist was caught)... must punish him severely.”